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Introduction of this section
Here we proudly explain the history of Grand Seiko from the first generation in 1960 to today's latest creations. As one of the very few fully integrated watch manufactures in the world, Grand Seiko possesses a mastery over the full breadth of the watchmaking process. From the research and development of movements and component materials, to the manufacture of all essential components, to assembly, adjustment and inspection, every Grand Seiko uses our own cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship to deliver luxury, hand-made watches of unrivaled quality.

GS 9F Quartz

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Quartz that surpasses quartz
In 1988, the first Grand Seiko quartz watch was born, and 5 years later in 1993, the ultimate quartz 'GS 9F' was completed. It delivered an accuracy of ±10 sec. a year. Designed to be the 'Quartz watch that surpasses quartz', it incorporated four innovations, the Backlash Auto-Adjust Mechanism that ensures the second hand stops exactly on the marker, the Twin Pulse Controled Motor to move the long and broad hands, the Instant Date Change Mechanism, and the Super Sealed Cabin. This is the pinnacle of quartz watchmaking and embodies what Grand Seiko considers to be the essential qualities of a wristwatch; accuracy, beauty, legibility, durability and ease of use. This model 9F82 was released in 2013.