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History of Seiko and Its Products

Seiko has been committed to producing and distributing clocks and watches since its founding as a company aiming to “establish a Japan-made timepiece industry and contribute to social and industrial development through clocks and watches.” In every decade of its existence, Seiko has striven to “Produce a Seiko (= precise) timepieces ” and “Stay one step ahead.” This page looks back through the history of Seiko, a global leader in the timepiece industry.

Stage 1:
Chase the World

The dawn of Seiko, when the company dived into a bold project to modernize Japan’s clock industry and catch up with the West as early as possible.

Stage 2:
Reach the World

The period of growth, when Seiko caught up with the West and expanded globally, first by restoring the industry in the chaotic postwar years and then by developing proprietary products, serving as the Official Timer of the Tokyo Olympic Games, and dominating accuracy competitions all over the world.

Stage 3:
The World Selects the Seiko Method

The period of innovation, when Seiko introduced the world’s first quartz wristwatch and standardized the Seiko method throughout the world.

Stage 4:
Toward a New Era

The current period of advancement, when Seiko seeks more accurate, more convenient watches by further evolving the quartz technology and taking advantage of today’s multi-functionalization(digital), power-generating, and communication technologies.