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Introduction of this section
The SEIKO clocks corner displays many historical clocks from the beginning of the Seikosha to the present day. In 1892, Seikosha started production of wall clocks, and was soon able to make all components in house. This vertically integrated production method contributed greatly to the stability of quality, delivery and cost, helping Seikosha to became the largest producers of wall clocks in Japan in a little over six years.

Quartz Wall Clock

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The world's first home quartz clock
SEIKO released the world's first home quartz wall clock in 1968. As early as 1959, SEIKO had already produced a quartz clock for a broadcasting station, and then made quartz marine chronometers, and, in the mid 1960's, mastered the production of transistor clocks that amplified electric signals with battery power. Finally SEIKO developed the world's first home quartz clock, by means of the original 'spiral quartz oscillator', and brought ever closer the quartz era.