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Introduction of this section
From clocks, we move to watches. Here, we exhibit a wide range of SEIKO watches from the first pocket watch in 1895 to the wristwatches released in the first half of 1960's. Unlike clocks, watches have to reach higher levels of durability, shock resistance and precision, as well as be small, light and easy to wear. Especially at earlier stage, there have been numerous challenges. Please review the history of Seiko's watch development and the progress.
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Seiko's first pocket watch
In 1895, just three years after the foundation of the Seikosha factory, the first pocket watch the 'Timekeeper' was made. The chief engineer, Thuruhiko Yoshikawa's efforts had paid off, as he had researched the best products from around the world and made many prototypes before deciding on Seikosha's own design ideas. At the start, their products used a sylinder escapement and were quite bulky, but the company's levels of expertise were rising fast. Meanwhile, clock production continued a pace and, in 1895, Kintaro started exporting wall clocks to China.