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2FSEIKO Watches II

Introduction of this section
From SEIKO Watches I, we continue to a second area that displays outstanding SEIKO watches from the latter half of 1960's to the present day. After catching up the world, SEIKO has been leading the watch industry, by continuously developing the world's first technologies.
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Professional Diver's 600

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20 patents and design registrations
This is the Professional Diver's 600m watch, with saturation diving capacity, released in 1975. It was developed based on the views of professional divers and set a new standard for such watches. The one-piece case was the first ever made of titaniun and its design involved a level of innovations that was reflected in the granting of 20 patents and design registrations covering hermeticity, durability, legibility and high functionality. This watch was very well received by many professional divers. Proven, tried and tested by divers worldwide, the same concept is still used today, 40 years on, in each new generation of diver's watches.