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2FSEIKO Watches II

Introduction of this section
From SEIKO Watches I, we continue to a second area that displays outstanding SEIKO watches from the latter half of 1960's to the present day. After catching up the world, SEIKO has been leading the watch industry, by continuously developing the world's first technologies.

GPS Solar Astron

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The world's first GPS Solar watch
Released in 2012, the Astron GPS Solar is the world's first GPS solar watch. Using just the power of light, the watch automatically receives GPS signals and adjusts to the local time anywhere in the world at the push of a single button. A ring antenna, developed in house for Astron, captures time and position information from more than four GPS satellites that circle the globe, 20000 Km above the surface. Today, Astron offers a wide range of calibers, from World Time to Chronograph that are both smaller and slimmer. Since the launch of the Quartz ASTRON in 1969, Seiko has been at the leading edge of timekeeping technology and the Astron GPS Solar again demonstrates that Seiko is the watch pioneer.