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2FThe life and the words of Kintaro Hattori

Introduction of this section
This corner introduces the life and the words of SEIKO's founder, Kintaro Hattori. Kintaro defined a vision for Seiko as a company that should be "Always One Step Ahead of the Rest" and this philosophy guided him throughout his long life and, indeed, still inspires the company today. The film "The Story of Kintaro Hattori" gives an insight into his life and times.
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Pocket Watches destroyed by the Great Kanto Earthquake

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Generosity in the face of adversity
These are Seiko Pocket Watches destroyed by the Great Kanto Earthquake. The fire that followed the Great Kanto Eerthquake in September 1923 destroyed both the Seikosha factory and the Ginza headquarters. Nearly everything was lost but Kintaro decided to rebuild his business and remarkably, was able to reopen the factory a month later and the sales office just one month after that. Kintaro also compensated the owners of the 1500 pocket watches that had been at the factory for repair and were destroyed by the fire. In a gesture of great goodwill, he advertised his offer to replace any lost watch with a new one, free of charge. It was an action that created a new bond of trust among the public for Seiko. Within a year of the earthquake, production of the first 'Seiko' branded wristwatches started.
The Story of Kintaro Hattori