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Seiko Milestones

This section introduces some of the key products and events in Seiko’s history of more than 130 years.

Our Challenge to become the Official Timer of the Olympics

The road to timekeeping at the Olympics, the mission that made Seiko world-famous and propelled a period of stellar growth for the Seiko Group.

Mechanical Engineering Heritage

The Laurel, Grand Seiko, and Quartz Astron were officially designated by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers as national mechanical engineering heritages in 2014. Learn about the technological significance passed down with these three watches.

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Award

Quartz Astron was received the IEEE Milestone Award as a significant social contribution and achievement with global influence. Learn here about the technology and significance of this award-winning watch.

Technical Challenges at the Observatory Chronometer Competition in Switzerland

The story of Seiko to reach the top at the Swiss observatory competitions (1963-1968) for accuracy.

Sportsmatic 5

This page introduces the “Seiko Sportmatic 5,” a product that ushered in the age of the self-winding watch around the world and set new standards for a practical functional watch.

“Great Craftsperson in the Present World” Supporting SEIKO's Manufacturing

Seiko has considered that “manufacturing” is “nurturing people” and made efforts to develop excellent engineers and craftsmen. The “Contemporary Master Craftsmen” comprised the heart of our efforts.

Sapporo Olympic Games

Seiko has served as the official timer for sports competitions of many kinds both at home and overseas since the 18th Olympic Games in 1964 in Tokyo.

Professional Diver‘s 600m Watch

This is the story of the development of the first-generation model of the Professional Diver‘s 600m watch.
The development style of it became the starting point for the creation of many full-fledged Seiko sports watches that would follow later.

Wako’s Clock Tower

Read the untold story behind the birth and history of Wako’s Clock Tower, an iconic symbol of Ginza.