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Timepiece Knowledge

History of Timepieces

Looks back through the 6,000-year history of timepieces from sundials to the latest GPS watches.

Types and Mechanisms

Explores how the types and mechanisms of typical timepieces have changed.

What is a Traditional Japanese Clock (Wadokei)?

Introduces traditional Japanese clocks (Wadokei) developed for the seasonal time system.

Timepiece Luminaries

Looks back at the lives of people who made great contributions to the development of timepieces.

Relation between Timepieces and Society

Introduces how various timepieces have influenced society in chronological order.

Episodes about Time and Timepieces

In this section we share various stories about time and timepieces.

Time Trivia

We introduce a wide range of trivia (bits of knowledge) about time, from the history and culture to types and concepts.