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A mechanical high-beat 36000 (10 beat) model with entirely new design for the power spring, balance spring, and escapement (escapement wheel and anchor) after 41 years. A succession of 10 beat models with unrivalled precision were introduced in 1968, including the self-winding 61GS, the manual-winding 45GS, and the 19GS for women.

Name 9S8
Time/Period 2009
Additional information High precision uncompromised by changes in the position of the wrist is achieved by a combination of craftsmanship and advanced mechanical engineering. The key components for precise isochronism are the balance spring and power spring, both developed based on more than 50 years of accumulated Seiko manufacturing SPRONs technology, and the escapement wheel and anchor, the fruits of an advanced MEMS precision manufacturing technology originally developed for semiconductor production.