Today most timepieces are quartz type, which loses or advances only a few seconds per month. Therefore, there is no need to adjust them daily. Radio wave controlled watches and GPS watches, which are adjusted by atomic clock, are more convenient. Nevertheless, such timepieces powered by motors may stop temporarily or display the incorrect time due to the impact of magnetic fields, such as from magnets. If you notice the second hand lose or advance a few seconds, take the following steps to adjust the time.

1. Pull the crown and stop the second hand at the 12:00 position. (For screw lock-type watches, turn the crown to the left to loosen the screw, and then pull.)
2. Turn the crown and move the minute hand to adjust the time. In the case of quartz watches, first advance the minute hand by 5 to 10 minutes, and then reverse to adjust the time. This will prevent a gap in the hand caused by backlash of the gear trains.
3. Push in the crown at the same time as the time signal (In the case of screw lock-type watches, screw it in until they stop to the right while pressing the crown.)

Please note that the instructions for adjusting the time in the case of mechanical watches differ from quartz watches, which will be explained later.

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