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Flow of Tours

1. Reservation

Please make a reservation. by phone or the internet before your visit.
Let us know if you prefer docent tours in English.

2. Reception

Give your name to the receptionist and kindly fill in the visitor card.

3. Tours Guided by Docents

Museum docents offer guided tours based on advance booking. The guided tours take about an hour.

4. iPad-audio aided Tours

We also provide special iPad audio guides for the main exhibits in our guided tours. Make a request at reception if you wish to reserve an iPad guide (visitors can keep their iPads guides for up to an hour).

Guidance by iBeacon in English

Guidance by Virtual Tour in English/Chinese

5. The Library

Visitors can browse books on time-keeping instruments in the Library on the third floor.

6. After the Guided Tours

Visitors can use the tea server on the first floor.

About the iPad-audio aided tours

iBeacon terminals are installed at the major exhibits in The Seiko Museum (about 30 exhibits) to transmit radio commentary.
iPads running the special guide app will automatically display audio explanations, photos, or videos of an exhibit when they approach an iBeacon terminal.